Sailing into HELL! Lightning devastates Freedom – The sailboat is SINKING!

I witness first hand and feel the shockwave of a lightning bolt just yards away from me. It travels through every critical instrument in my boat and destroys it all. I am alone, without communication and struggling to find a hole in the hull where it smashed its away to get to “ground”. The next 2 hours in the middle of the night are the most intensive I have ever experienced but the water keeps coming in…

3 thoughts on “Sailing into HELL! Lightning devastates Freedom – The sailboat is SINKING!

  1. Wow, good luck with the repairs. I’m already a patron but I’m sending extra $50 USD to help out with the repairs. You two are amazing!

  2. Sorry man we got an actual president and fired the ass bag Trump. Watched live video later and part of me says whew im glad I wasnt there. Although it may not have been as bad with two people on board. Im guessing the flex tape would not stick due to growth. Gonna put some unsoaped metal brillo with mine now to hopefully remedy that. Glad to hear Freedom is hauled out and your pressing on. I know your getting the bullshit comments on you should have been grounded but heres my little bit of actual knowledge from maintaining communications towers here in lightning capital of central florida. The 7 towers ranged from 100 to 300 feet (300 – 1000 meters. During storm season they would take between 10 – 20 strikes per 4 month season. Fully grounded I would be out at all hours replacing electronics and rectifiers. I finally decided to due some testing on two worse sites and ungrounded my most vulnerable electrics and took spare cards out of the equipment. After two seasons the strikes didnt stop but did not have damage to ungrounded electrics. I also figured out even though I removed the cards from the equipment the static field created by the strike still cooked the cards. Crazy hugh! I then started stowing the spare cards in static resistant bags which fixed the problem. Wish I still had all the static bags Ive thrown away🤣I know its not realistic to remove gear to static bags at site of a storm but maybe storing spares in bags will leave something to fall back on. Ive also had lightning jump from one wave guide cable threw 2 ft of air and burn threw 1/4 plate steel that was grounded. When looking at it looked like a poorly performed arc weld. My view is anyone who pretends to know what lightning will due is fooling themselves or selling lightning protection systems.🤣🤣🤣 and I would see some crazy snake oil salesman over the years. Give me a call when you get some internet. Take care Slep we wish that cloud would move on. ✌🏼

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