Ep.239 Last days of Freedom!

So, crazy as it may seem, I go for a spear and see lots of big fish that are too big to shoot but I get onto one that is just right with a bit of a plan that actually works….a first for the vlog something that I thought up actually worked. I have dinner sorted so I then play hide and seek with the wildlife. I lose track of time in the water, pretty common for me (sometimes I lose 8 hours in the water wooohoooo), but get wiken out of my reverie by a bolt of lightning. I look up and see a storm bearing down on me so it is time to skiddadle and get the flock out of here but it is a bit tricky because the light has gone and I need to get through the reef and then I need to get back into the storm to get
back to my boat. These storms can blow up to 60 knots and it is not a good feeling to be outside the reef being blown further out at sea when I should be back at the boat. It’s a race and I make it by about 5 minutes – plenty of time.

But the show is not over, the cell turns into and electrical storm and I have lightning all around me for hours with a few really close calls. It’s all good – until its not and in the end it’s all ok. Bloody let down really. If I was lightning, I would hit the tallest thing in the area.

Margarida is arriving soon and the boat is a mess, well not really a mess according to guys but to Margarida it’s a pig sty so lots of cleaning to be done to make it like the last porridge – just right but another storm threatens to stuff up my washing schedule so I need to get the clothes and cushions in before it hits. Crikey!

Ep.237 The caves

I show you viewers where exactly I am and how to get around the myriad of reefs. Some friends join me to go to an anchorage in the middle of the Hollandes Group. It is a little tricky to get into but well worth it – don’t forget to get the Eric Bauhaus book for Panama and this will see your way clear of almost all the reefs. I check out some awesome caves and have a little trouble finding a breathe hole….it’s all good in the end although I am a bit of a turkey. These caves are amazing and seem to go on for ever all the way underneath the reef crest almost to the lagoon itself. I have a great time. I hear dogs barking crazily during the night and wonder on their welfare so I go on a mercy mission to check on them to see if they are alright.

Ep.236 Caught in a Storm

It starts out a perfect day with not a ripple on the water so I use the opportunity to pretend I have a breakdown and try to steer the boat with the dinghy by myself. Not too hard at all really.
The next day it starts to cloud up and I go for a quick spear to get dinner before I get hit…well my timing was a little off and I seek shelter behind an island, albeit the wrong side, that is the windward side. I wasn’t going to stop on the sheltered side because that’s where the 3 meter croc lives. I just need a spot to lay low and allow the lightning to strike the higher trees while I am lying as low as possible in the water. It all turns out OK even though we appear to have a strike very close by.
And our favorite time is upon us once again, that’s right people, it’s croc watch. This time it gets really close to the boats.

Ep.235 The Rocna Anchor FAILS βš“

I help out some Gunas with some fuel and they reward me with some fruit, 2 bread fruit a bunch of bananas and some lemons. I have never had bread fruit so I am eager to try it and so are my friends the bees.
We test out the Rocna in weed and it is surprising, it fails first go so I talk a bit about that and I also look at how much fish is wasted when we fillet them and throw away the carcass. Too much I think.


Nature is awesome. An electical storm passes over Freedom with some very close hits. There is lightning everywhere and I am outside to enjoy it.
I am running out of food because of bad weather and no fish caught. After 3 days I have a short spear at the end of the day without the electrical threat from above. But no luck for me I am afraid.
It is out of season and the launchers aren’t coming anymore with the veggies. Bugger. SO I visit an island where I hear there is a lemon tree and go searching for it.
The storms have finally left so I am free to go out spearfishing. I easily get a nice snapper and come face to face with the largest nurse shark I have ever seen. I also come across another wreck and this one comes with a story.

Ep.233 Crocodile Visit

I start out by setting a fish bait so we can go see crocodiles at night, unfortunately it didn’t turn out as one would expect….no no really. Nothing but absence of quality.
I go for a spear and see another big grouper, a wreck and a huge dog snapper swims right up to me in 5 feet of water. I don’t shoot it because it is way too big. I keep hunting around to find a much smaller dog snapper which I eventually find. A shark comes in to take a look and then hangs around wanting a free meal. I have no fish float with me so I have to swim it through the whitewater back to the dinghy. The good ol’ shark follows me all the way in ensuring I get back to the boat safe n sound. Good on you shark. I have always said that sharks are carers and sharers.
I team up with Andie and try his new foil board. He shows me how and I have a go. It is freaky. There is something weird about flying above the water. And finally a croc pays us a visit.

Ep.232 Doing the dishes with SHARKS

A drug bust close by but where are the drugs? Are they in that kayak being madly paddled by that crazy person. Could be….
I find some more crocodile tracks by drone and go and investigate. While there in the mangroves I find some bush tucker, or what I think is an edible bush fruit and I have a taste…there is a tale that eating the fruit will stave off hunger for a whole day and we test this thesis and see if I don’t die.
While spearfishing I find a massive grouper just looking at me in a cave….I admire it for a while before going on a search for a large dog snapper with which to feed me and a family of 4. I am a bit lonely and I am inviting myself over for dinner…aha a sneaky plan.
My salt water pump has broken so all my dishes are done out the back in the dinghy much to the delight of the local sharks who enjoy all the scraps….be careful when you dunk the dishes to rinse, you may lose a hand!

Ep.231 Finding a Crocodile

This episode has it all except for Margarida. It is sad to see her go but it is for a good purpose, we need some funds for our haulout in Colombia and she is off to work and I am going to try to get some charter work. I think we all know the outcome of that. Kitesurfing as a storm approaches, spearfishing as another storm approaches and crocodile hunting, well not to eat, just to look at – they taste like $#it.