This is the beginning of a series of episodes that shows what happened to us during the corona virus crisis.

The corona virus can hit you in a number of ways…one you can contract the disease and have to suffer and possibly die or it can effect you like it did us…you can be caught out on a boat being kicked out of one country and before you are able to get into another country, everything goes into lockdown and you simply cant get back in. This series of episodes tells you what happened to us in the Caribbean, normally a very open and friendly place, but in the blink of an eye…everything changed.

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70 days from our last supplies and 46 days of forced exile we were one of the few boats caught out since we had checked out of Cuba and hadn’t arrived in Jamaica before the lockdowns came into effect. With no information and seemingly nowhere to go in this messy nasty virus situation we did the best we could.

Now in Bocas del Toro, Panama doing our 14 days quarantine on the boat.

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Ep.253 Sailing to Colombia

It’s time to finally leave San Blas, our home for awhile. Its a bittersweet moment but we are excited for what awaits us. Cartagena is 204 miles from us and Margarida is knocked out asleep, a secondary effect of the seasick pills she took, well she’s not getting seasick anymore. I cover the day shift and Margarida is in charge of the night. Press Play and join us!