Ep.182 Wonders of Mexico

Keen to explore Mexico we take a field trip to the mainland to visit the Cenote Fantasma (the ghost sinkhole) an underground cave and one of the 7 wonders of the world, Chichen Itzá an ancient Mayan city. But fun can’t be had all at once so back to the motor and fuel tank. Margarida needs a lift so I try to scare her back to her senses by putting her face to face with a shark or 2.

Ep.180 A New Journey Begins – Mexico Part 2

We twice try to cross the Yucatan channel where there is a strong 5 knot northerly current but both times get thrown back north into the Gulf of Mexico because of little wind. Our back up plans are Cuba and Key West since the current is already taking us there but some wind arrives and we push further south to counteract the strong current. Third time lucky? The wind fills to 12 knots, the best up until then was 8, and we hit the current hard and get to within 20 miles of Isla Mulheres and then the wind promptly dies. We begin to drift north and Margarida gets on the radio but it seems the only help now is the dinghy with a 3.5 horse power outboard.

Ep.179 A New Journey Begins – Mexico

We begin our journey on the day we are obliged to get out of the United States. We left with a crew of 3, me the beautiful Margarida and Tim the davit man. It is not the best time of year to sail across the gulf but there are no tropical disturbances in our path so we head out. We know there is going to be little wind for the first couple of days but we have plenty of fuel and an immaculate motor with less than 1000 hours so we believe we are ok. Unfortunately the motor dies and the fun begins.

Ep.178 Our worst nightmare

On this episode we hit some uncharted rocks and we fight to save the boat in the most remote region of Australia.
For the sake of continuity and for those new subscribers that don’t know what happened some of the following videos have been repeated. However, at the end there is some reflection about the accident and future plans.

If you would like to watch the complete accident click on the link https://bit.ly/2x8SQB6