Ep. 256 DIY – the clock is ticking on our boat repairs

Where does the time go? We are running out of time and the job list just keeps getting bigger and bigger and the clock is ticking on our boat repairs. I am sure Margarida has nothing to do with it 🤣 How to fibreglass, how to do a bottom job, how to fix the head, how to make security bars, how to fix a broken propellor, how to do a wire splice to rope, how to put in a sink, how to flow coat, how to not crazy with your wife doing boat projects.

THE AFTERMATH after 70 days of Exile

We are back. We look back at the trip and see what we could have done better. We also look at what the trip cost us both financially and emotionally. The financial cost was easy, it was very little but the emotional cost keeps going and going and we go through a couple of counseling sessions to help out 😂😂 We also take a trip down memory lane about how I met Margarida. It is almost entirely true!


Thumbnail Cat vs Mono

Plukky will be discussing LIVE ON YOUTUBE the PROS and CONS of CATAMARAN versus MONOHULLS this Friday (3rd of July) 7PM Panama.

On the previous lifestream we said we would have an episode discussing this subject although we went through the footage and realized it was of a quality that didn’t fit in to “the nothing but quality” mantra. So we decided to discuss it live. The topics will be safety, ways to save money, performance, comfort, costs and that’s right chickability…

Live stream time|

Friday 3rd July

* 7 PM Panama (Eastern standard time)

* 8 PM New York

* 5  PM California (Pacific daylight time)

Saturday 4th July:

*1 AM London

* 10AM Sydney

Bring your burning questions 🔥 See you tomorrow!

CORONAVIRUS: our current situation and future plans

Live Panama
Come and chat with us this coming Sunday! We will be discussing how the Corona Virus has affected us – our 70 days exile, where we are right now and future plans. If you would like to get some answers leave your questions on the comments below and we will answer them on the live stream on youtube. See you guys 🤙
Live stream time|
Sunday 28th:
* 3PM Panama (Eastern standard time)
* 4PM New York
* 1PM California (Pacific daylight time)
* 9PM London
Monday 29th:
* 6AM Sydney