The LONGER WAIT | Part 5

Tropical storm Eta has finally developed into a category 4 hurricane so there has to be wind from this coming my way being only 200 mile north of me but the wind is still a headwind so I must be patient and wait … and wait. But it comes good finally and I am off….

Lightning explosion on yacht caught on film. 1 man’s battle to save sinking yacht |Sailing into hell

With all the damage done to Freedom the channel is in dire straits. Your help will make all the difference. Go to this link if you wish to help: Https:// #update This is the 2 part of Sailing into HELL! Lightning devastates Freedom where I witness first hand and feel the shockwave of a lightning bolt just yards away from me. It traveled through every critical instrument on the boat and destroys it all. The discharge was so big it made a hole in the hull where it smashed its away to get to “ground”.

Sailing into HELL! Lightning devastates Freedom – The sailboat is SINKING!

I witness first hand and feel the shockwave of a lightning bolt just yards away from me. It travels through every critical instrument in my boat and destroys it all. I am alone, without communication and struggling to find a hole in the hull where it smashed its away to get to “ground”. The next 2 hours in the middle of the night are the most intensive I have ever experienced but the water keeps coming in…

Ep.267 The Secret To Deep Diving | Grand Cayman

We get some good luck when we meet Natalie and Mark, a professional freediving couple who invite us along for a freedive session, unfolding the secret to deep dive.. The past year and a half Margarida has being having trouble equalizing giving her grief when diving, so today the focus is on her so she can start enjoying freediving again. We first start on the dry with some breathing and static apnea exercises and then head to the line.

Ep.266 Little Cayman Blue Iguanas

We enjoy our last day at Little Cayman Island where we “borrow” some bikes and explore…we see the famous Blue Iguana and I show you some quality 💩😂 We sail back in the HH catamaran at awesome speed flying the Gennaker for half the trip. IF you are really keen on equipment on boats I do a bit more of a review about bow thrusters on catamarans and the tensioning of the stays on the HH55 as well as look at more cool gear on the boat.

Ep. 265 Sailing on a multi million dollar Catamaran to Little Cayman

We get invited by the owner of a brand new HH 55 catamaran to go to Little Cayman Island about 75 miles away…we jump at the chance for a long weekend on a luxury catamaran. The HH55 sails beautifully and we get to Little Cayman in the early evening going to windward and tacking the whole way but we are rewarded with crystal clear water, nice coral and beautiful beaches. Margarida is having a ball, this is her type of trip. There is plenty of smooching but technical difficulties get in the way so not much is seen. Enjoy!

Ep. 264 Devils Grotto 😈

Margarida and I are going to do some cave diving….Margarida wants to see if her ears are working properly and I want to scare the $hit out of myself a bit…..don’t worry I survived devils grotto hence you get see the footage otherwise it will be sitting in my rotting hand until some diver discovers me many years later…
We also celebrate New Years. I know we are out by many many months but because we released the Coronavirus series and also we were unable to publish anything when were stuck out in the middle of nowhere. We are working hard and catching up so don’t worry or give us grief. Enjoy!