Ep.187 The BLUE HOLE

We couldnt leave Half Moon Caye without first checking the Ermlund shipwreck, a ship that lost power during a storm and was thrown on the reef by a large wave. With many options to explore we take a snorkeling excursion to the legendary Blue Hole, an underwater cave and sinkhole in the middle of Lighthouse lagoon. But the fun doens’t stop there, our outboard decided to have one more of its crises and gives the Captain & Duane a hard time.

Ep.186 WE ARE BACK to the REEF

We welcome our Dear friend Duane onboard and venture out beyond Belize’s barrier reef and visit some of their outer atolls. On our first night we stay at Turneffe atoll where we are attacked by mosquitos and seek refuge in the incredibly clear water of Lighthouse Reef. At the lower southeast corner of the reef there is Halfmoon Cay an idyllic tropical island that is home to a bird sanctuary full of frigate and redfooted booby birds. Paradise again, we are finally back in our environment.