Ep.204 Leaving Rio Dulce – Guatemala

Sorry for losing a week, as you may know San Blas its not know for having much phone service aka internet.  We hope this video makes it for the lost week.

Margarida has gone for family reasons and I find 2 patreons to come and help me sail to Panama. Dougy is a Canadian who has raced very small boats but Adam is new to the game and wishes to know what it is all about. We leave the beautiful Rio going again through the magnificent gorges and check out of Livingston, at the mouth of the Rio Dulce. But getting across the bar is another story with us standing a very good chance of not making it due to our 6 feet 4 inch draft.
Before we leave the Rio, I give some tips to cruisers who may wish to visit Rio Dulce to make it a little easier.

Ep. 201 Three Volcanos & one Lake

After exploring Antigua we decide to pay a visit to the largest indigenous market in Central America -Chichicastenango. This famous town is the ideal setting to admire the amazing living of the Mayan culture, abounding in colour, mysticism and a great diversity of products. Not yet tired of being a tourist we head to Lake Atitlan where we night hike to a peak to see the sunrise over the lake and overlook the 3 impressive volcanos that surround the lake.

Ep.200 Colonial city of Antigua

We meet a sailing couple that there willingness to do some humanitarian work lead them to the Orphanage Casa Azul in Rio Dulce so we join them to help out and get to know more about the project. Margarida is cured from Montezuma’s revenge aka parasites so we go on a inland excursion to visit the beautiful colonial city of Antigua. But that’s not all, Margarida kidnaps me to a cooking class.

If you would like to help & know more about the Orphanage Casa Azul, click on the link:

Blue Water Surrender provides a safe house for abandoned and abused children in Guatemala through Casa Agua Azul on Lake Izabal in the Rio Dulce.