Ep.231 Finding a Crocodile

This episode has it all except for Margarida. It is sad to see her go but it is for a good purpose, we need some funds for our haulout in Colombia and she is off to work and I am going to try to get some charter work. I think we all know the outcome of that. Kitesurfing as a storm approaches, spearfishing as another storm approaches and crocodile hunting, well not to eat, just to look at – they taste like $#it.

Ep.227 Mermaid in Action πŸ§œβ€β™€οΈπŸ’¦πŸš

Margarida gets some super fins and tests them out. She slices her leg open on some coral but takes it all in her stride, well fins I guess. I test Margarida’s gun and I am bloody useless so I show you all how to shorten spear rubbers or even make your own.
Margarida finds out from some true cruisers how to make pineapple beer from the skins so she shows us all how. I can’t wait to try it.
We heard that there was to be a BBQ on one of the islands so I get to shoot a big dog snapper, wooohooo and we enjoy an afternoon bbq at the beach.

Ep.226 Payudas Paradise Island

We sail to another beautiful island, one that is visited by less than 3 cruisers every year. On the way, we tow the dinghy and Margarida notices a problem. While still sailing she spiderwoman’s across fixes the problem all at 5 knots.
Payadus Island is paradise for us. We have lunch with a Guna Indian in his hut but as the sun starts to go down the anchorage becomes even more rolley so we head to Tigre Island (a traditional village) to sleep but check out the island before the sunset.


While sailing back to Sab Blas I do some scouring work on the prop – it is full of growth and then the jib loses shape – something is wrong. The Halyard for the jib gets chafed through so we resnake the halyard back, it works out perfectly.
It’s dinghy time and Margarida does the first test run, she is pleased. We both have a go and it is SWEEEEET πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ I give you all a rundown on why we got an AB dinghy.