Ep.193 Welcome to the GREEN CARIBBEAN – Guatemala

On this episode we sail to Rio Dulce, Guatemala, the holy grail of the hurricane holes in the caribbean. Getting in Guatemala start’s well, NOT! We try to contact the Port Caption to get information how to cross the bar but no response and quickly we realize the reality of living in Guatemala regarding safety. However Rio Dulce doens’t dissapoint and show us their enchanted jungle – the green caribbean.

Ep.187 The BLUE HOLE

We couldnt leave Half Moon Caye without first checking the Ermlund shipwreck, a ship that lost power during a storm and was thrown on the reef by a large wave. With many options to explore we take a snorkeling excursion to the legendary Blue Hole, an underwater cave and sinkhole in the middle of Lighthouse lagoon. But the fun doens’t stop there, our outboard decided to have one more of its crises and gives the Captain & Duane a hard time.