Ep.245 Sailing with Indigenous Gunas

First a message to you good people out there…

…and then we go sailing with the Indigenous Gunas. It is a new experience for Margarida and I. We are both amazed at how simple the rig is and the components that make it up.

And then…

What do you do when someone anchors too close to you?….well don’t do what I did…it isn’t good for your health but I think he got the message.

Ep.242 Chichime Wreck & Robbery Lunch talk w Sailing Seatramp

We’ve been breaking down way too much and I’ve isolated the problem to the main fuel tank, so with the tank low and Margarida being back is time to do the smelly job. Soon after we moved from Cayo Holandes to Cayo Chichime where we found ourselves with the right conditions to climb the Chichime wreck and go for a treasure hunt. At anchorage we meet the cool youtube couple from Sailing Seatramp and invite them for lunch and share with us their robbery story.

Ep.241 The Lady Boss is back and provides w/🍍 Beer & Fish

The Lady Boss is back and she’s itching to get in the water to check how’s her spearing skills after a 2 months break. We get back in time and do a follow up on our homemade pineapple beer and test with you our best recipe till now! Seat, relax, grab your beverage and press play to get into the Sailing Into Freedom World and find out what more this episode has to offer!