My ten commandments

My ten commandments
Thou shalt not buy brand new boat. Let others do it for you and save you time and money.
Thou shalt learn to adapt to your surroundings and not change your surroundings to suit yourself. What this mean is simplify the boat to the extreme. That is, chuck out everything you don’t need which to me was most of the stuff you find on your boat. You of course will have your own version of extreme. Do you need air conditioners when you simply can adapt to the heat? I didn’t so out they went. Did I need a huge generator for power needs? No I have reduced my power needs to the bare minimum and I put in flexi solar panels to give me all the power that I need anyway.

When I purchased my boat it had so much stuff on it. It had this huge generator to help power the 2 airconditioners. Well that went overboard as well as the hot water heater and so much other crap that I didn’t need. It was very liberating.
Thou shalt not live on land if you own a boat.
Thou shalt not stay at marinas. They are foul places smelling terrible of god knows what and diesel. Learn to be creative with your anchor work when near a town and you will also save a packet.
Thou shalt not buy a boat if you don’t like to fix things yourself.
Thou shalt not pay anyone to fix the boat (This is sort of like the previous one but I am just making sure otherwise you will get poor very quickly)
Thou shalt not get the boat perfect before you set sail.(Safety, rigging, construction etc have to be up to scratch though). This advice is for you guys really. Don’t get scared and invent new things to get it ready otherwise you will never leave. GO. GO NOW!
Thou shalt put a picture of a boat behind your toilet door. This is for you guys again but do this so you can stare at it and always be inspired. Thou shalt also do this for shower screens, front door, back door, shed door, cupboard doors, fridges both inside and out and also above the bed head for those intimate times. If she hasn’t left after this then she is a keeper.
Thou shalt always give it a go. Have a crack at it in my lingo. What’s the worst that can happen? Well, maybe you shouldn’t think about that, but have a go anyway. This can also apply to violent storms and how you can save your ass. Don’t curl up in a ball and cry like a baby, never stop inventing and trying new things to stay safe. There isn’t a book out there that explains how your boat behaves in those particular appalling conditions so you need to be ‘Johnny on the spot’ and keep assessing and trying new things to keep safe. As soon as you stop trying you die.
Thou shalt not sail to a schedule. Never take people on board that have deadlines and exact dates to get back by. This is a recipe for disaster and I have been caught out trying to drop people at Hamilton Island and I was against 40 knots of wind.
Thou shalt engage in an activity that you are scared of at least once per day, week etc, whatever gets your heart pumping furiously. I call this therapy. I am not talking about a heart attack situation here although the closer you get to this I believe the better the therapy becomes. Whatever doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger, well, until it kills you of course. But then you are dead and it really doesn’t matter anymore. I try to get my heart pumping furiously as often as I can. Ya gotta love being scared and trying therapy! No drug comes close to that feeling. Sadly few of the younger generation get to experience that and turn to alternatives.
And the most important one. ….
Thou shalt get girls on the boat. They can be the best therapy of all.