Ep.279 Margarida returns – sailing, snorkeling, fishing, and adventure in Cuba

I am still alone but Margarida is flying back today wooohooo….I am trying to arrange a perfect romantic picnic but things seem to be getting in the way.

One thought on “Ep.279 Margarida returns – sailing, snorkeling, fishing, and adventure in Cuba

  1. Well, where is she now? Yes, you and James Zagaaarooo are two peas in a pod. Maybe Margarida and Kimmie may not be the most smartest and beautiful girls in the world but they are in the top two. And you both let them slip away…ay yi yi. you could of at least bought her a new wet suit or a pair of fins. Well, all your character flaws aside I do like your channel. I love your opening music but a farmer in new Hampshire has stolen it now. Lumnah acres if you must know.
    Anyway, Plukkster. Love your dive vids. My only suggestion…its a good one…don’t get upset. Is to not do any cuts while you’re free diving. I’m working on getting my breath control back up. Used to do four minutes well three with movement . But now it’s 1:15. I know pathetic. So, when you kick down I try to hold my breath with you…I still have my indestructible rocket fins I bought in the 70’s and hope to dive a reef with you before, well you know.
    Btw…Quit singing Ringo Starr’s song “Its a sunshine life for me (Sail away Raymond). That’s why you’re getting hit by lightning all the time. Fair winds and chick weather.

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