Ep.272 Living on a tight budget – the sea provides all – Sailing and Adventure in Cuba

I go diving and discover lobster everywhere… so many in fact that there were not enough proper hiding spots. I even got charged by one, classic! I feed another moray eel and boy is she hungry taking 3 bloody fish. After that I shoot a trunkfish… oh no! These are the crazy looking triangle fish but the cubans tell me that they are great taste like chicken so I try it out and let you know. Margarida has seen enough and is keen to get to Cayo Largo to pick up her parents so we visit the well and fill up our tanks and all our gerry cans. Its interesting to note that even though we were not strict on out water consumption knowing there was a well available we still only used 4.5 litres per person per ay (about 1.2 gallons). And yes we are again having dinner with our Cuban friends and it is going to be a feast with conch, lobster, fish and hutia the rat like rodent again… wooo hoooo. Good buy to our Cuban friends!

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