Ep.261 A close affair with Stingrays

In this weeks episode Margarida gets something big on the line and starts winding in, did we get Christmas dinner!? Also my friend Doug is crewing on a HH55 Catamaran so we go visit him and give it a bit of a review. Whatever anyone can say, it is one fancy catamaran and very expensive. We couldn’t end Christmas day without taking Margarida to swim with the stingrays. Wish requested is a wish granted but Margarida wasn’t expecting to have a close affair with the stingrays and ends up with some nips. And lastly, Doug discloses to us that he is in love with one of my old crew. Watch to find out which one of the girls is while I take you on a trip down memory lane and look at some of the antics of the Scandinavian crew series: https://bit.ly/2PAPnny enjoy people!

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