Ep. 256 DIY – the clock is ticking on our boat repairs

Where does the time go? We are running out of time and the job list just keeps getting bigger and bigger and the clock is ticking on our boat repairs. I am sure Margarida has nothing to do with it 🤣 How to fibreglass, how to do a bottom job, how to fix the head, how to make security bars, how to fix a broken propellor, how to do a wire splice to rope, how to put in a sink, how to flow coat, how to not crazy with your wife doing boat projects.

One thought on “Ep. 256 DIY – the clock is ticking on our boat repairs

  1. Hi Plukky and Margarida
    I love the bars but would like the locks to somehow be faster to open from the inside so that you couldn’t be trapped if you needed to get out fast in an emergecy – fire, sinking? Perhaps it could be like a car door lock? I would worry so much about being trapped that I would never be able to fall asleep!
    Another option might be an electric “fence” all around your lifelines. It could be just one strand of wire that would give an intruder a jolt when they tried to board. The shock would be harmless to the intruder but effective in alerting you when you hear them scream!

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