Ep.233 Crocodile Visit

I start out by setting a fish bait so we can go see crocodiles at night, unfortunately it didn’t turn out as one would expect….no no really. Nothing but absence of quality.
I go for a spear and see another big grouper, a wreck and a huge dog snapper swims right up to me in 5 feet of water. I don’t shoot it because it is way too big. I keep hunting around to find a much smaller dog snapper which I eventually find. A shark comes in to take a look and then hangs around wanting a free meal. I have no fish float with me so I have to swim it through the whitewater back to the dinghy. The good ol’ shark follows me all the way in ensuring I get back to the boat safe n sound. Good on you shark. I have always said that sharks are carers and sharers.
I team up with Andie and try his new foil board. He shows me how and I have a go. It is freaky. There is something weird about flying above the water. And finally a croc pays us a visit.

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