Ep.232 Doing the dishes with SHARKS

A drug bust close by but where are the drugs? Are they in that kayak being madly paddled by that crazy person. Could be….
I find some more crocodile tracks by drone and go and investigate. While there in the mangroves I find some bush tucker, or what I think is an edible bush fruit and I have a taste…there is a tale that eating the fruit will stave off hunger for a whole day and we test this thesis and see if I don’t die.
While spearfishing I find a massive grouper just looking at me in a cave….I admire it for a while before going on a search for a large dog snapper with which to feed me and a family of 4. I am a bit lonely and I am inviting myself over for dinner…aha a sneaky plan.
My salt water pump has broken so all my dishes are done out the back in the dinghy much to the delight of the local sharks who enjoy all the scraps….be careful when you dunk the dishes to rinse, you may lose a hand!

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