Ep.218 Provisioning & Boat Repairs

We get to Linton Bay and anchor and head to Sabanitas where all the supermarkets are, about 90 minutes away. But we are in for a tragedy. The supermarket does not have Oreos and Margarida’s smile evaporates. It is a sad time until she brightens up and realises we can go to the other supermarket in town where yes oh yes we find the holy grail. We use up our entire budget on groceries hoping to stay away for months…we need to save up for a lift and hardstand fees and the canal crossing.
We set sail as soon as the groceries are packed and hope for some large Colombian swell to hit us during our journey. Alas this doesn’t eventuate with Margarida being very thankful of that. And we finally arrive in San Blas again where I show you the best way to enter the maze of reefs is. It was a great sail but we wake the next morning to a problem no woman can put up with. Our bedroom has saltwater leaking into it so somewhere from the toe rail to the staunchions to the chainplates there is a small crack and we must find it. We both rip out the wooden trim on the toe rail and search and repair with Margarida working like a workhorse. Hopefully our repairs will do the trick.

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