Ep.217 Mucking around a Wreck and getting stripped

We find a wreck, reccy it with the drone and go out for a look and scare the stuffing out of Margarida in the process. Ha, just wait til you see the facial expressions of the toughest girl on earth. Priceless.
We snorkel and catch a nice snapper and BBQ it on the beach. Afterwards, Margarida has a go at the drone since she is unhappy with my excellent drone flying skills (feel free to replace excellent with dodgy) and reckons that she can do a better job. Well she does do an excellent job of entertaining us and her drone skills are not too bad either.
Bad news hits us as well. We get stripped by the local Congresso (authority of the Guna people) who take us for the remaining cash in our wallet so we have to sail back to civilization to check the bank and hope some funds can be had. Luckily the sailing back was awesome with no breakages.

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