Ep.164 At the Top of Australia

We reached the top of Australia, Cape York! Due to the weather we couldnt get to the cape so we had to settle with the view from York Island. A bit of a disappointment for not stepping on cape york but we coudnt do anything about it!
Next stop, hello Thursday Island! We arrived on the Mabo Day Parade, a day where the Islanders celebrate Eddie Mabo and what he did for Aboriginal land rights. There was a day full of pride and joy among the locals. As you wander throughout the Island there’s an immediate strong religious feeling, especially on the main street where you will find several church’s. But the crew were eager to climb up Green Hill to check out the key military sights including the trenches, a concrete bunker and the remains of a crashed US plane . From the top of Green Hill you get uninterrupted, spectacular views of the neighbouring islands, including Horn Island. To get into the amazing history of the Island, Thursday Island Cemetery shows its multicultural past in its full glory. Thursday Island was also the port of departure for my great friend Gonzo, from now on only with the girls.

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