The Dodgy Crew

I’ve had some of the most incredible people aboard as crew that have made this adventure great.

Presenting you the previous Crew:

  • Italian Crew

Fedra. Our cook and cleaner for 2 months but she was so much more. Simply put, if Fedra could be bottled, it would go for a million bucks a bottle and people would pay it. A fun-loving and super strong girl she could put you in a hug and literally squeeze your innards out of you. Always ready to play and to see the lighter side of life, her laugh would be heard throughout the day that could melt the ice off any cold soul. I have never seen anyone hurt themselves so much and simply laugh it off. Truly a trooper.

Stephania. Hailing from Sardinia, this amazing quiet achiever could do no wrong. You need to be thankful to her for the vlog because at the start when we had so few followers it was she that was the driving force that kept the vlog alive. Believe it or not she had her 50th birthday on the boat. Most people thought she was in her 30s. She had so much style that she could tip toe through the mounds of bird $#%# on any deserted island and make it look like dancing.

  • International Crew Part 1

Nerma was from Bosnia but lived in Italy and was friends with the lovely Fedra. Her role was video editor which she did to perfection, well perfect for my vlog which really isn´t perfect at all. Always amazed at the wildlife around her, she saved more than one creature during her 6 week stay dragging everyone in to help. In rope competitions she did bowlines in around 2.5 seconds both behind her back and blindfolded.

Luhard was from south Africa that came aboard to help with the technical stuff on the vlog. A very smart but down to earth guy, always cheery and supportive he solved all the problems I created and then proactively solved the problems I was going to create in the future. Ha, good on him!

Aleesa was from Italy and was the sweetest rapunzel we had on the boat to date. Her hair was so long that it went all the way down. Always happy and helpful she was our cook and cleaner and never once did she try to kill me. Always a plus in my book, because after Fedra and Stephania, with the way Italian women and emotions are, it was 50 50 chance of whether I would be alive in the morning.

  • International Crew Part 2

Alyssa was from the great US of A and was Tiger woods´ double. Just take a look and you will see. She had the classic Elmer Fudd laugh which went so well with the vlog. My only regret was that I didn´t get to film all her laughs and do a 10 minute special just on that. It would have been hilarious.

Marta was from Poland and knew exactly how to throw her hair and pout her lips to give the movie star look. Always a great help with anything she would attack any task with gusto. She loved chocolate to the point that when we had chocolate fondue out of a small pot she managed to get her whole head inside in order to lick it clean despite the fact that her head radius was larger than the pots. I guess the laws of physics don´t apply to girls and chocolates.

  • Scandinavian Crew (well close enough) Part 1

Lisa was from Sweden and was our cook. Always pleasant and smiling even when the tears were running down her face while cutting onions it was always a delight to have her around. One of only a few girls I know that could do 20 real pushups, she had a V at her back that she was very proud of. She was so Swedish that when her hair got wet, it went more blonde…how does that work?

Lulu was from one of the countries up there where it is really cold, Norway, so it was interesting to see her in a completely different environment in the tropics. Brought on as a video editor she excelled at everything else. I have never seen someone get to the point of being hysterically excited although she did have an excuse, she had a 9 foot tiger shark try to eat her camera while she was still holding it.

Viccy. Ah Viccy I still think about you and smile. A master on editing videos, your childlike delight at everything, your quick humour, your quick laughter and your clever brain made that trip one of the most memorable. Both capable and incapable, strong and weak, clever and silly, you were an enigma and a delight. Master of 5 languages, she came from Holland. She was also a master of makeup so much so that when she flew especially out here from Korea to join the boat, I didn´t recognize her and didn´t let her on the boat believing that the real Viccy that I saw on our video chats would turn up. She took my mistake all in good humour and we soon sorted it all out. She was so adorable that after only 30 seconds even if the real Viccy turned up we would just have had to make room.

Sally. Far out. She is the best Danish person ever. That´s all I can say. Just watch the videos….oh and boy could she swear.

  • Scandinavian Crew Part 2

Rachel was a French Swiss cat that stowed away on the boat after escaping another boat. Very quiet to the point that in 3 weeks she said about 100 words. We don´t really know much about her except she may have robbed a bank or stolen a really big diamond and then tried to get away on my boat. I think she like coconuts but its hard to say.

  • European Crew
44.Top of Australia

Made in Germany, Jules is an amazing young artist that came on the boat with the expectation it was going to help her make the big decision – which career she was going to pursue. Who knows who won? The marine biology in her or the artist. We didn’t start out on the right foot. On her 2nd day our official cook and cleaner revealed she’s a veggie lover aka vegetarian which is a bugger since our main source of protein is fish which was mentioned about a thousand times to her. Well Jules was open to have it provided we catch the fish in our own primitive way and quickly she was eating and cooking fish like a champ.

Made in Portugal, Margarida is a passionate human with an iron fist. Her desire of exploring the world on her own eventually led her to Australia and ultimately to my arms. Having lived by the sea her whole life she joins the longreef crew without any qualms since she was just following her long desire to be on or near the sea.

Crew comes and goes but one came to stay, the beautiful Margarida.


Our Crew of supporters is growing, without their love we wouldn’t be able to pursue our dream of chasing remote and beautiful places. Thank you!