Check in nightmare in Bocas del Toro 💥🇵🇦

On the 2nd of June we had completed 14 days of quarantine on the boat in bocas del toro. On the 15th day we got clearance from the doctor and then we started the check in procedures in the country: customs, agriculture and the port captain. Unfortunately on the day, the Doctor didn’t give us our health certificate.
We then proceeded to immigration. The Officer told us they were not issuing visas until a later date. A few days later a new decree came from Panama City, stating they will be issuing visas of duration 1 month to 3 months to foreigners. The Immigration officer saw things differently and said she would only grant us a visa for 15 to 30 days and after that short period we would then have to sail away. She said get food and fuel, fix the boat if needed and then leave the country.
Long story short , a week after our quarantine had ended, we finally were given the medical declaration and were granted the usual 6 months visa 💪🏼 it sure helped speaking Spanish and being able understand their decrees. You gotta love Central American countries.
Now let’s enjoy freedom outside the boat.

2 thoughts on “Check in nightmare in Bocas del Toro 💥🇵🇦

  1. Ahoy from Vancouver Island and a trimaran mate !
    You two are awesomely resilient – excellent recovery from cat misfortune . We admire and Respct how resourceful and skilled you both are especially with a speargun and gourmet beach cooking . Accolades for supporting one another through such a difficult time . . shell therapy and humour worked !.Attitude is altitude and you two are amazing ! Peter, great sense of humour mate , . .luv that tough & fun Aussie tenacity .

    Your videos are so entertaining. . . especially the Aussie cave drawings-absolutely fascinating ! Have you considered approaching sailboat mfgs and dive equip cos. for advertising or offer link$ to national tourism offices and local resorts & dive companies to promote the country you’re in at the time . . . Champagne with your Conk and a new Cat are well deserved ! Cheers , Mates Gracias Amigos .Geoffrey

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