Ep.209 The islands of Panama simply magical

Margarida is back and we go sailing to explore some of the most beautiful places that southwestern Caribbean has to offer.
Margarida gets seasick on the journey but she soldiers on because she is a tough old trooper. We show off our new Tohatsu 9.8 that was generously bought for us by our wonderful patron Bob. Top stuff BoB. And we get in the groove of enjoying all the pleasures that the reefs and islands provide. Mmmmm crab.

Ep. 208 Fixing it all up in Panama

More boat fixes. Likely to be the most boring video we have ever done so save this for when you need some zzzzzzzzzzzzz in a difficult situation, like if you need to get to sleep before an exam and you are too worried. Just turn on this video and you will be out within 2 minutes. Insomniacs, I have your problem solved etc etc

We look at the mast and the dropped spreader. We look at the engine overheating problem completely. We look at the reason why water got into the fuel and we solve the front locker flooding problem. Its all good now, well mostly….lets face it…unlikely

Ep.207 Sailing with The Boys Part 2

We continue the saga of Plukky, Dougy and Adam, our dynamic intrepid trio, sailing to Panama. We have a flooded front cabin, an engine that keeps overheating and very flat batteries forcing us to steer whenever possible. Will they be able to sail in through the channels in the reef without their problematic Yanmar and get to the safe anchorage of Linton Bay, Panama or will they be dashed upon the reef and be fish food? The final chapter is here and now.

Ep.206 Sailing with the boys Part 1

Sorry for losing a week, as you may know San Blas its not know for having much phone service aka internet.  We hope this video makes it for the lost week.

The trip to Panama was expected to be all plain sailing. Does that sound right? OF course not. We broke and fixed the autopilot, the motor couldn’t be run for more than 10 minutes because it kept on overheating, we flooded the front cabin and our batteries almost were drained flat. Yep, sounds right. But the sailing was great which made up for all the problems down below.
We also give a run down about the pirate situation around Honduras and Nicaragua and the Gordo Banks and offer alternative solutions about dealing with pirates. These may or may not be good ideas. We learn more about the crew and what Plukky is made of.

Ep.204 Leaving Rio Dulce – Guatemala

Sorry for losing a week, as you may know San Blas its not know for having much phone service aka internet.  We hope this video makes it for the lost week.

Margarida has gone for family reasons and I find 2 patreons to come and help me sail to Panama. Dougy is a Canadian who has raced very small boats but Adam is new to the game and wishes to know what it is all about. We leave the beautiful Rio going again through the magnificent gorges and check out of Livingston, at the mouth of the Rio Dulce. But getting across the bar is another story with us standing a very good chance of not making it due to our 6 feet 4 inch draft.
Before we leave the Rio, I give some tips to cruisers who may wish to visit Rio Dulce to make it a little easier.