Ep.261 A close affair with Stingrays

In this weeks episode Margarida gets something big on the line and starts winding in, did we get Christmas dinner!? Also my friend Doug is crewing on a HH55 Catamaran so we go visit him and give it a bit of a review. Whatever anyone can say, it is one fancy catamaran and very expensive. We couldn’t end Christmas day without taking Margarida to swim with the stingrays. Wish requested is a wish granted but Margarida wasn’t expecting to have a close affair with the stingrays and ends up with some nips. And lastly, Doug discloses to us that he is in love with one of my old crew. Watch to find out which one of the girls is while I take you on a trip down memory lane and look at some of the antics of the Scandinavian crew series: https://bit.ly/2PAPnny enjoy people!

Ep.260 On the beaten path | Grand Cayman

We arrive to Grand Cayman Island and coincidentally there are 6 cruise ships here and everywhere is packed with humanity. This is not our usual path, exploring remote islands and living off the sea but it’s in our route to Cuba, so we make the most of it. We take a day off and Margarida is in Margarida heaven with loads of shops and yummy food everywhere. But it’s not all, a relationship 101 moment and I give good advice to males out there about women speaking in code.

Ep. 258 Gale force winds awaits us🌪️

We have a small weather window to escape Cartagena….usually skirted with gale force winds, Chris Parker, the weather guru, has predicted a break of a day and a half so we must leave Friday to the Cayman Islands. It all goes well although we are a bit late in leaving but we are blessed with beautiful conditions and manage to sail up the coast not on track at all. We do this to get some east up our sleeves to make the journey later on an easier one but we hear on the latest forecast that our weather window has shrunk and we must get out of the strong wind otherwise we will get clobbered. We manage to do this but 35 knots squalls are waiting for us at our turning point in the middle of nowhere right next to a hazardous reef.

Ep. 256 DIY – the clock is ticking on our boat repairs

Where does the time go? We are running out of time and the job list just keeps getting bigger and bigger and the clock is ticking on our boat repairs. I am sure Margarida has nothing to do with it 🤣 How to fibreglass, how to do a bottom job, how to fix the head, how to make security bars, how to fix a broken propellor, how to do a wire splice to rope, how to put in a sink, how to flow coat, how to not crazy with your wife doing boat projects.

THE AFTERMATH after 70 days of Exile

We are back. We look back at the trip and see what we could have done better. We also look at what the trip cost us both financially and emotionally. The financial cost was easy, it was very little but the emotional cost keeps going and going and we go through a couple of counseling sessions to help out 😂😂 We also take a trip down memory lane about how I met Margarida. It is almost entirely true!