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Plukky will be discussing LIVE ON YOUTUBE the PROS and CONS of CATAMARAN versus MONOHULLS this Friday (3rd of July) 7PM Panama.

On the previous lifestream we said we would have an episode discussing this subject although we went through the footage and realized it was of a quality that didn’t fit in to “the nothing but quality” mantra. So we decided to discuss it live. The topics will be safety, ways to save money, performance, comfort, costs and that’s right chickability…

Live stream time|

Friday 3rd July

* 7 PM Panama (Eastern standard time)

* 8 PM New York

* 5  PM California (Pacific daylight time)

Saturday 4th July:

*1 AM London

* 10AM Sydney

Bring your burning questions 🔥 See you tomorrow!

CORONAVIRUS: our current situation and future plans

Live Panama
Come and chat with us this coming Sunday! We will be discussing how the Corona Virus has affected us – our 70 days exile, where we are right now and future plans. If you would like to get some answers leave your questions on the comments below and we will answer them on the live stream on youtube. See you guys 🤙
Live stream time|
Sunday 28th:
* 3PM Panama (Eastern standard time)
* 4PM New York
* 1PM California (Pacific daylight time)
* 9PM London
Monday 29th:
* 6AM Sydney

REJECTED by yet another country, will there be any end to this! | Coronavirus

We have just been kicked out of Haiti now too. So after being kicked out of Cuba 2 weeks ago, finding no refuge in Domincian Republic, Haiti is just the icing on the cake. Where can we go now? It seems hopeless but with some good skills and common sense we may finally find a place to stay, it is a pity that we have had no sleep for a week and that our skill and common sense level are at an all time low but blind stupid optimism has been know to work…

Check in nightmare in Bocas del Toro 💥🇵🇦

On the 2nd of June we had completed 14 days of quarantine on the boat in bocas del toro. On the 15th day we got clearance from the doctor and then we started the check in procedures in the country: customs, agriculture and the port captain. Unfortunately on the day, the Doctor didn’t give us our health certificate.
We then proceeded to immigration. The Officer told us they were not issuing visas until a later date. A few days later a new decree came from Panama City, stating they will be issuing visas of duration 1 month to 3 months to foreigners. The Immigration officer saw things differently and said she would only grant us a visa for 15 to 30 days and after that short period we would then have to sail away. She said get food and fuel, fix the boat if needed and then leave the country.
Long story short , a week after our quarantine had ended, we finally were given the medical declaration and were granted the usual 6 months visa 💪🏼 it sure helped speaking Spanish and being able understand their decrees. You gotta love Central American countries.
Now let’s enjoy freedom outside the boat.


This is the beginning of a series of episodes that shows what happened to us during the corona virus crisis.

The corona virus can hit you in a number of ways…one you can contract the disease and have to suffer and possibly die or it can effect you like it did us…you can be caught out on a boat being kicked out of one country and before you are able to get into another country, everything goes into lockdown and you simply cant get back in. This series of episodes tells you what happened to us in the Caribbean, normally a very open and friendly place, but in the blink of an eye…everything changed.

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70 days from our last supplies and 46 days of forced exile we were one of the few boats caught out since we had checked out of Cuba and hadn’t arrived in Jamaica before the lockdowns came into effect. With no information and seemingly nowhere to go in this messy nasty virus situation we did the best we could.

Now in Bocas del Toro, Panama doing our 14 days quarantine on the boat.

We currently have the first video of a series of episodes of our 70 days of exile on Patreon, so if you are a Patron head to the page: and check it out 😉!