I think with this episode you just need to watch it….suffice to say that it scared the shit out of me and Margarida. And some other stuff happened…just watch it…go on…I dare you…

5 thoughts on “A PIRATE in the NIGHT

  1. absolutely love this video, will start from episode 1 and follow you guys.

    having spent a fair amount of time at sea during the corona on a similar route Florida to Panama enroute to California your journey and quest captivated me and then wham, reality smash when both of you are very happy “for the jail time” after 71 days of freedom. Happy for you but sad no freedom. then a mask, all hope lost, what s cliff hanger. hurry up with the next episode!!!! but mostly I just love the spirt and hope the best for you guys.

    Fair Winds & Freedom

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