Ep.236 Caught in a Storm

It starts out a perfect day with not a ripple on the water so I use the opportunity to pretend I have a breakdown and try to steer the boat with the dinghy by myself. Not too hard at all really.
The next day it starts to cloud up and I go for a quick spear to get dinner before I get hit…well my timing was a little off and I seek shelter behind an island, albeit the wrong side, that is the windward side. I wasn’t going to stop on the sheltered side because that’s where the 3 meter croc lives. I just need a spot to lay low and allow the lightning to strike the higher trees while I am lying as low as possible in the water. It all turns out OK even though we appear to have a strike very close by.
And our favorite time is upon us once again, that’s right people, it’s croc watch. This time it gets really close to the boats.

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