Ep.213 Cocos Island & Boobies

We are told by an ancient Guna man of a bushwalk that follows a pipe that leads to a mystical magical lake where the Guna’s pipe their fresh water from. I get a first hand look at how Gunas do repairs on this pipe and I like what I see. Nothing but quality here too.
We visit a place called East Cocos Banderos and I visit the remains of a wreck and come face to face with a barracuda. On coming back we meet my second favourite bird, a booby bird, which doesn’t really seem to be scared at all of humans. And no I don’t like the bird because of its name.
A huge mass of sargasm comes to surround us so before it starts stinking we make our getaway and head to West Cocos Banderos and have a late afternoon BBQ of snapper.

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