The beginning

The idea was hatched on a deserted island on the Great Barrier Reef.

I used to give a case of beer to any old fisherman to drop me off to whatever island he was passing on his fishing trips. I would take very little with me: 2 spearguns, a tarp, some food, few clothes and about 120 litres of water and see how long I could go for. Sometimes I would go for up to 2.5 months and on one occasion they forgot to pick me up but that is another story but it was one of the best trips ever.

Initially I used to be alone but on one of these trips I ran into a group of divers from UNSW (the University of NSW)  on one of these islands. I invited them over for some battered fish and I ended staying on longer with them. Year after year we would meet up and on one of these trips a group of 5 of us mad a pact to buy boats and to go sailing and visit amazing places like the island we were on. We were not supposed to come back we were just supposed to go.

I was the last to go. The others, although they went earlier had to return. I am not going to return to what is considered normal life, I am going to have an extra-ordinary life… here I am.

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