4 thoughts on “Episode 59 Almost there

  1. Me, (Kimba), & my Capt Shawn just found U on U-tube. I “stole” Capt Shawn from the FL Keys via match.com. He has been a liveaboard for over 6 years, totally off grid.
    Teaching me how to live this life…it was already in my blood. I was a tall ship climber/deckhand/medical officer on Gazela Philadelphia. We r re-fitting, feeding the “cruising kitty”, then me, Capt Shawn, our two kitties and Harley Cucamonga-our parrot, (after hurricane Season) are gonna cruise the Bahamas, El Carribe.
    Just found You guys, will review your videos, follow you.
    Fair Winds,
    Kimba & Shawn


    1. This is Capt. Shawn. Where are you cruising? Refitting until Oct. . Your vids on u tube. Just found you. Good inspiration to water the dream. First time in six years in a house 😔. You have inspired my lady for the cruising life. Thanks.


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