Episode 25 Exploring the reef

Myself and the Italian Girls are on the Great Barrier Reef. It is the most glorious weather, clear water, beautiful coral and beautiful girls…and then there’s me, one very lucky guy.

We go swimming, snorkeling, spearfishing and generally just relax and enjoy ourselves.

There is something great about being out at sea, not being able to see any land and having the calmest sea. At one time, it was so calm with no moon you could see the star’s reflections in the water….it was like floating in outer space…freaky freaky freaky.

Enjoy, but I do suspect I will get a few more dislikes in this episode…it’s not my fault, Fedra kept swimming in the way. Ha!


2 thoughts on “Episode 25 Exploring the reef

  1. good onya m8. I grow shellfish and am hoping that the little creatures do enough good for the eco system that they live in that if i grow enough of them they will offset my consumption in this world and let me have a nice big catamaran to sail of doing pretty much what your doing. here,s to ya.

    1. Before you buy the big cat make sure you need the need big cat. I needed mine for my family but it didn’t work out so now I don’t need it…I feel a bit of a fool with such a big boat …it’s too big for me….hope you succeed better than I Jim and get it right. Thanks for your comment and keep the dream stream happening. Good on you!

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