Ep.237 The caves

I show you viewers where exactly I am and how to get around the myriad of reefs. Some friends join me to go to an anchorage in the middle of the Hollandes Group. It is a little tricky to get into but well worth it – don’t forget to get the Eric Bauhaus book for Panama and this will see your way clear of almost all the reefs. I check out some awesome caves and have a little trouble finding a breathe hole….it’s all good in the end although I am a bit of a turkey. These caves are amazing and seem to go on for ever all the way underneath the reef crest almost to the lagoon itself. I have a great time. I hear dogs barking crazily during the night and wonder on their welfare so I go on a mercy mission to check on them to see if they are alright.

One thought on “Ep.237 The caves

  1. Hey Pete hope all is well with you guys. Just doing some shopping for Toni and Torie and checking out the website. Freedom is looking sweet with that nice canvas top. Happy Holidays drop me a line when you get to civilization again.

    Not so tiny Tim
    new cell number 321-339-7022

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