Ep.239 Last days of Freedom!

So, crazy as it may seem, I go for a spear and see lots of big fish that are too big to shoot but I get onto one that is just right with a bit of a plan that actually works….a first for the vlog something that I thought up actually worked. I have dinner sorted so I then play hide and seek with the wildlife. I lose track of time in the water, pretty common for me (sometimes I lose 8 hours in the water wooohoooo), but get wiken out of my reverie by a bolt of lightning. I look up and see a storm bearing down on me so it is time to skiddadle and get the flock out of here but it is a bit tricky because the light has gone and I need to get through the reef and then I need to get back into the storm to get
back to my boat. These storms can blow up to 60 knots and it is not a good feeling to be outside the reef being blown further out at sea when I should be back at the boat. It’s a race and I make it by about 5 minutes – plenty of time.

But the show is not over, the cell turns into and electrical storm and I have lightning all around me for hours with a few really close calls. It’s all good – until its not and in the end it’s all ok. Bloody let down really. If I was lightning, I would hit the tallest thing in the area.

Margarida is arriving soon and the boat is a mess, well not really a mess according to guys but to Margarida it’s a pig sty so lots of cleaning to be done to make it like the last porridge – just right but another storm threatens to stuff up my washing schedule so I need to get the clothes and cushions in before it hits. Crikey!

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