Ep.215 Trouble in Paradise

We borrow a sailing dinghy and I try to teach Margarida the finer points in sailing but I fail miserably and we have a fight. Dont worry we make up and discuss it openly for all to see. Ah couples ought not to try and teach each other sailing…oh no, kitesurfing is next in the future for Margarida. Should cause some dramas too.

3 thoughts on “Ep.215 Trouble in Paradise

  1. Hey good people… I’ve been following you both since you each started and have good feels for where u both are going, don’t sweat the small stuff is my motto and you are both teriffic in so many ways..! Plucky you are an inspiration to more than you know, and Margherita a gem for being the daring strong woman you obviously are. I’ve just bought my first yacht and a dream it is to live. Go well you champions and never give up xxx

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