CORONAVIRUS: our current situation and future plans

Live Panama
Come and chat with us this coming Sunday! We will be discussing how the Corona Virus has affected us – our 70 days exile, where we are right now and future plans. If you would like to get some answers leave your questions on the comments below and we will answer them on the live stream on youtube. See you guys 🤙
Live stream time|
Sunday 28th:
* 3PM Panama (Eastern standard time)
* 4PM New York
* 1PM California (Pacific daylight time)
* 9PM London
Monday 29th:
* 6AM Sydney

4 thoughts on “CORONAVIRUS: our current situation and future plans

  1. Peter i have found a boat there and need a favor, could you find time to look at it while you are still there, no rush just see what it is like, if it would be worth a trip to buy it. Its s 1980 Honfleur Sloop 35 foot Just retiring and need a new life goal. If you could, would be advice I would trust, Im a fair handy man so 6 months in the yard would not bad for its price Thank You Ben

    1. Hey Ben , I can look. We are sort of stuck here so if it’s close by no probs. Trouble is we aren’t supposed to move around, big boat anyway. Please find out it’s exact location and who is in charge of it with their details so I can look. Prob busy for next 2 weeks but maybe after that. P


  2. WOW Cant believe you had time to answer just great, emailed the listing to get info will send it asap, like I said no hurry, been watching a long time kinda miss the itialian girls but this ones a keeper

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